BRLSI is opening its doors to the public on Saturday 11 September (10 am to 4 pm) as part of Bath’s contribution to Heritage Open Days.

Bath Royal LSI celebrate Heritage Open Days every year and we will be celebrating this year’s theme of Edible England with an array of exciting events both in-house and online all connected to this year’s culinary theme.

Our Bluestocking Salon sees us celebrating a group of audacious 18th century prototype feminists and asking attendees to contribute bits of poetry, prose and thoughts on the subject of food.

Prize winning non-fiction author Robert Morrison will be releasing a digital talk and accompanying factsheet on the subject of Regency food.

Visitors to our exhibition Jurassic Ark can receive a children’s fun sheet on the subject of What Do Dinosaur’s Eat and visitors to our Reception area can download the Bath Royal Digital Smartphone App with walks centred upon amazing objects from our rich and varied collections including a Steneosaurus skull, a meteorite almost as old as the earth itself, some Crimean War Crosses, and not forgetting an original copy of The Origin of Species with a letter written in Darwin’s own hand.

All this and much fun across our social media platforms, including some amazing images from our collection related to the subject of food and some great thoughts on the humble potato.

For more information about what Heritage Open Day is all about click here