BRLSI couple launch new children’s book

Esperanza and Chris Isaac, author and illustrator of ‘The Little Tree that didn’t know’
BRLSI members Chris and Esperanza Isaac are regular faces in the Elwin and Duncan rooms, with Chris, as chair of the Premises Committee, also taking the important responsibility of keeping the Institution’s Grade I listed building in good shape. Now Esperanza, a journalist and teacher by profession, has written a children’s book, The Little Tree that didn’t know, that aims not just to entertain its readers but to give them philosophical insights too, and Chris, a seasoned exhibitor at BRLSI’s annual Members Exhibition, has provided the illustrations.
As a mother and teacher Esperanza read many childrens’ books, and noticed that the majority featured children and animals getting into mischief. Keen to do something new, she came up with the idea of an apple tree who, accompanied by his friend Worm, embarks on a journey of self-discovery and a search for knowledge. “It’s a philosophical book for children,” Esperanza told us, “and young readers will find through the characters how fun and interesting it is to learn about ourselves and the world we live in, how important it is to accept others, and how much they can enrich our lives.”
The Isaacs are launching The Little Tree that didn’t know at Waterstones, Bath on Saturday 27th November at 3pm, with book signing and drawing and colouring competitions for children. Half the proceeds from the day’s sales will go to the Southside Family Project in Bath. More details on the book and its launch can be found at