BRLSI Collections Workforce

The work of the BRLSI Collections workforce is not always visible, but every year volunteers put in thousands of hours of work into improving the care, documentation, and accessibility of our museum, library, and archive. After the re-launch of the BRLSI in 1993, a lot of the collections work was very general, but as time has passed and our storage and basic documentation of the collection has improved the work has become more specialised. Our current workforce includes volunteers with specialist knowledge and skills in book binding, historic weapons, geology, natural history, archaeology, and library care and organisation. Other requirements are patience, diligence, and a steady hand.
We are always on the lookout for new volunteers who might be willing to lend us their expertise, so if you have skills or knowledge in the following areas, please do get in touch:
 Archaeic languages
Object conservation
Grant applications
Educational outreach with museum objects

Curator's Notes