Recently, a packed BRLSI audience was entertained by Christopher Miles’ witty adaptation of David Garrick’s play ‘The Clandestine Marriage’. We are delighted to announce that the director will return on Monday 2 April for a showing of his documentary film ‘Fire from Olympia’ (2004) which has never been shown in Britain.
This film explores the story of the modern Olympics, and contains unique footage, not only of a 1923 recreation of the ancient Pythian Games, high up in the Stadium at Delphi, but also of a recent reconstruction in 2002 of the Pamviota Athla in Levadia, for which athletes came from all over Greece to try and recreate the methods of the ancient games. In the film we follow three athletes from Greece and its old colonies of Spain and Italy.

Athlete Juan Carlos Ollana, with a strigil,
scrapes the mud of the river Alpheos from
his body as he grapples with the ancient
techniques at Olympia
The film also explains why the torch race was never run at Olympia, and tells the true story of how two Englishmen reinvented the modern Olympics. (There are some scenes of nudity)
The director is happy to answer questions after the showing.
Advance tickets £6/£4 can be purchased from the Box Office 01225 463362. Some tickets £4/£2 with be available on the door.