‘Brilliantly Engineered’ is a free four day festival at BRLSI showcasing the best of engineering and digital technology in the region. Engineers will be on hand to demonstrate products, run practical workshops and discuss what the life of a modern day engineer involves.

Take part in a range of free engineering challenges and workshops set by The James Dyson Foundation. Whether building a floating paper boat, skewering a balloon without it popping or competing to fly your handbuilt aeroplane the furthest, there will be something to satisfy anyone with an interest in STEM.

This picture describes the Brilliantly Engineered exhibition. Schedule10-4pm Daily. Sat 24th Feb to Tues 27th Feb. Challenges: BUILDING & FLY A Helicopter Floating Ping Pong Balls Balloon Kebabs Jumping Beans Paper Plane DISTANCE CHALLENGE Geodesic dome building DYSON Robots challenge (TBC) BMT ‘FLOAT your Boat’ Challenge EXHIBITION MEET LOCAL ENGINEERING ORGANISATIONS LEARN ABOUT ENGINEERING COURSES Understand the life of an engineer Watch tech demonstrations

Open to everyone for the full 4 days, the exhibition will also run two days of school workshops on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th February, specifically aimed at GCSE and A Level students from local schools and colleges.

With the likes of Buro Happold, BMT, Whiley & co, Rocketmakers, Cross Engineering, Rotork, The University of Bath, Team Bath Electric Racing, Designabiity & Orthoscape taking part it’s set to be a great gathering of the South West’s engineering might.

It’s free to attend and no booking is required. Details on dates and visiting times are here

Challenges organised by the James Dyson Foundation run through the weekend