Room Hire Terms and Conditions

• Invoices must be paid before date of room hire, unless otherwise agreed.
• Bookings cancelled less than 10 working days of event will be charged full booking fee. All cancellations must be emailed to otherwise we cannot guarantee a refund.
The BRLSI will immediately terminate the Hire Agreement if any event, performance or activity taking place or likely to take place in the venue is potentially immoral or contrary to any law or regulation or the specific charitable objectives of the BRLSI, or is likely to be detrimental to BRLSI’s own use / occupation of rooms.
• The booking cannot be assigned to a third party.
• All events should have an authorized person present to liaise with BRLSI.
• Emergency evacuation procedures will be explained by BRLSI to the authorized person who will be
responsible for disseminating this information to their attendees at the event.
• Outside broadcasting or filming from the premises must be subject to prior negotiation.
• The Hirer must comply with all the EPL Health & Safety Regulations.
• Electrical equipment brought into the premises by the Hirer must have a PAT Certificate.
• Any equipment or belongings brought into the premises will not be covered by BRLSI’s own insurance.
• All fire exits and passageways shall be kept free from obstruction.
• Children should be accompanied by adults and the Hirer must have carried out an adequate risk assessment.
• The Hirer is responsible for proper order within the venue and should provide provision of adequate stewarding for the event.
• The number of persons attending an event in the building shall not exceed the number of seats agreed in advance with the BRLSI and must conform to the room layout specified.
• Hirers of the Lonsdale room must allow for interruptions due to disabled access as and when needed. It’s not always possible for us to know in advance if access may be needed.
• No animals in the venue except for guide dogs.
• All catering brought on site must be removed after the event and the hired room left reasonably as found.
A £25 surcharge may be added if any clearing up of outside catering or other disposable paraphernalia is undertaken by BRLSI staff.
• It is not the responsibility of BRLSI staff to ensure any personal technology (i.e. laptops, tablets, cables or adapters) brought into the building is compatible with our own equipment, and we do not manage or oversee any aspect of an event, including the usage of apps/programmes like PowerPoint, Zoom, audio players etc. Our equipment is offered at no extra cost, and we offer limited technical assistance during the initial meet and greet only. Once under way, it is up to the Hirer to ensure smooth running of the event.

Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath BA1 2HN
EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY POINT – St Anne’s Chapel grassed area
• Proceed down the main staircase(s) to the ground floor
• Leave the building through the front entrance(s)
• Turn RIGHT onto footpath and walk down to the next corner
• Turn RIGHT again and assemble on the grassed area fronting Chapel Row
• Please wait until you/numbers have been checked off before dispersing