Blackburn on Beethoven

See a video extract from Dr Robert Blackburn’s Lecture/Recital “Beethoven’s last three Piano Sonatas and their background”, given at BRLSI on 17th April 2012.
Tuesday April 17th: Every year Dr Robert Blackburn, BRLSI’s Literature and Humanities Convenor and former Head of Music at Bath Spa University, gives a lecture/recital in which he illustrates his subject with performances at the piano. Last year it was Schubert; this year it was Beethoven’s last three piano sonatas and their background.
The event, to a packed Elwin Room audience, was a tour de force – two hours of history, anecdote and the occasional snippet of musical theory, interspersed with sections from the pieces themselves, Op 109-11. See an extract from the lecture in our video below.

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