Bath Wildlife Sightings

Leucanthemum vulgare subsp. ircutianum (Early Ox-eye), Newton St. Loe, ST7065


Date first seen

Date last seen

Frequency of Sighting


Leucanthemum vulgare Lam. (Ox-eye Daisy)



Large numbers


Newton St. Loe


Road verges of roundabout and dual-carriageway

Environmental Conditions


Grid Reference

ST701653 etc.

Other Information

This plant is apparently native on the coast, where it grows on cliff ledges between Portishead and Clevedon and was photographed in flower in April. Around Bath it occurs beside main roads and has either been introduced with road salt or wild flower seed, most likely the latter. The Ox-eye found in local pastures and meadows is only just beginning to flower. The early-flowering form is usually taller with flowerheads about 50% larger and the stems are less hairy, but where they grow in close proximity they readily hybridise.

Recorded by

Rob Randall

Identified by

Rob Randall