Bath Poetry Cafe Becomes a BRLSI Event

Wednesday January 20th:
Bath Poetry Cafe is no stranger to BRLSI as it’s been running successfully here since last April. Until now it’s been a separate organisation, but organiser Sue Boyle (left) decided that it felt so ‘at home’ in Queen Square that it should become an official part of BRLSI’s Programme of lectures and discussion groups. Tonight was the first ‘in-house’ Cafe, and as Nikki Bennett reports, it was a rather joyous occasion:
The opening event in The Bath Poetry Cafe 2010 programme was a resounding success. This was also the first event for the Cafe since it became part of the BRLSI programme, with Sue Boyle as Convenor. Many local poets turned up to read their own works, which were deftly put into a wonderfully varied programme by Sue Boyle, and all praised not only The Cafe, but all those who have helped make it part of the ‘Bath Poetry Scene’.
At the end of the evening Frances-Anne King made a speech of appreciation to the BRLSI Convenors’ Committee for having enough faith in the group, its future and success to include it in the regular programmes, and presented a bottle of champagne to Nikki Bennett, which she accepted on behalf of herself and Janet Cunliffe-Jones, as a token of thanks for their part in making the transition happen. We look forward to many more events with TBPC at BRLSI.
Bath Poetry Cafe meetings continue, as before, at 7pm on the third Wednesday of the month – and being an official BRLSI group, it now has its own web page here at Another welcome benefit of coming in-house is that BRLSI members and students now pay just £2 for entry – see you there!