Andrew Graham-Dixon to speak on Caravaggio at BRLSI on Nov 9th

Art critic and TV presenter Andrew Graham-Dixon will be at BRLSI on Tuesday November 9th to speak on his recently-published book Caravaggio: a Life Sacred and Profane. Mr Graham-Dixon is an acknowledged authority on the 16th/17th century Italian painter, and made an acclaimed TV documentary, Who Killed Caravaggio, broadcast on BBC4 earlier this year.
In Caravaggio: a Life Sacred and Profane Andrew Graham-Dixon describes the reckless life of this violent and yet enormously talented painter who spent much of his time on the run from his equally dangerous enemies. He shows us that, although Caravaggio’s themes were all biblical, the models he used were real people, many of them prostitutes or petty criminals, and often himself.

Caravaggio – violent yet enormously talented

In considerable detail, based on meticulous research and the faithful following of Caravaggio’s travels in Italy, Andrew Graham-Dixon traces the life of a painter whose influence, by dramatic spot lighting of figures, not only affected Rembrandt but is also evident in modern painters such as Lucian Freud, and wider still in modern cinema.