Get reading now for the BRLSI Big Read on Nancy Mitford’s ‘The Pursuit Of Love’! (or if you left it too late, cheat with the version on BBC One!

The Pursuit of Love- Bookchoice of the next BRLSI Big Read!

BRLSI may not be the first to feature Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit of Love, but it will not be far behind BBC 1’s launch.  The Pursuit of Love will be The Big Read for 26 May 2021, a book that gives a fictional account of the fascinating Mitford family.

Nancy Mitford was no ‘woke’ rather she was famous for her sharp, penetrating observations of life and love as she fought against the boring in both the countryside and the city.

Penny Ruddock will introduce the book and lead a discussion free for BRLSI members with visitors welcome to attend for £5.

Come and discuss your thoughts on such matters and tell us what you most enjoyed about this modern Classic.
Penelope Ruddock
This Big Read takes place 26th May 11.00am (BST)

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