Adelard of Bath – Sponsor our forthcoming book

Adelard of Bath was a 12th century scholar renowned for his important translation of scientific treatises from the Arabic and for his own innovative scientific work. The only full-length book on his life and work, Adelard of Bath: the First English Scientist, by Louise Cochrane, has long been unobtainable.
By a good stroke of fortune, BRLSI has been able to rearrange to republish the book in facsimile, accompanied by new material, including a foreword by Professor Jim Al-Khalili, providing background for the general reader as well as presenting the current state of Adelard studies.
Publication is planned for May 2013, both in paperback and in an exclusive numbered hardback edition.
We are pleased to offer you the opportunity of sponsoring this publication. £50 or more will secure a limited edition numbered hardback copy. Sponsors will be acknowledged and listed in the back of the book.
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Rob Randall