Board of Directors and Management Committee

Board of Directors

There are between thirteen and fifteen Directors at any one time; eight are elected by the membership, with the remainder being appointed by University of Bath (two), Bath Spa University (one), Bath & North-East Somerset Council (one), and “up to two further Directors from institutions within the Bath area chosen by the Directors”.

In broad terms, the Directors – as trustees of a charity – have three main legal duties:

  • To make sure that the charity’s plans are being carried out appropriately and for the benefit of the public
  • To ensure that the charity meets its legal responsibilities
  • To manage the charity’s resources responsibly

In addition to providing formal oversight, Directors are expected to provide strategic direction, consider risks, and safeguard BRLSI’s good name and values.

Directors are required to abide by the seven Nolan Principles of Conduct Underpinning Public Life: Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty, and Leadership.

The Board meets normally six times per year, with additional special meetings as required.

You may find these ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ useful.

You can find Summaries of Recent Board Meetings here.

Current Directors

Chair:  Prof. Ian Gadd (Appointed)
Vice-Chair: Michael Davis (Elected)
Secretary: John Gardener
Stephen Bird – Appointed (SW Fed. of Museums and Art Galleries)
Mary Burton — Elected
Julie Cole — Elected
David Hall – Appointed (Bath Preservation Trust)
Chris Garcia – Elected
Dr Simon Hayhoe – Appointed (University of Bath)
Joe Houlihan — Elected
Dr Farooq Mughal – Appointed (University of Bath)
Dr Bharat Pankhania – Appointed (B&NES)
Rob Randall  — Elected
Dr Joe Willson – Elected

Management Committee

The Board of Directors delegates operational management to a Management Committee that oversees a range of sub-committees (Collections, Membership, Premises, Programmes, Publications, Staffing etc). There is also a Finance Subcommittee that reports both to the Management Committee and the Board.

Current membership:

Co-chair (interim) — Andreas Wasmuht
Co-chair (interim) —
Chris Garcia
Finance Subcommittee Chair — Dr Joe Willson
Collections Subcommitee Chair — Mr Henry Ford
Membership Subcommitee Chair — Dr David Haywood
Premises Sub-Committee Chair  — Mr Mike Twohig
Programmes Subcommitee Chair — Rotational chair (interim)
Communications and Digital Subcommitee Chair — Mr Joe Houlihan
Staff Subcommittee Chair — vacant
Grants and Donations Officer — Mr. Chris Garcia
Website Officer — Mr. John Law