Donne di Mafia Film Festival Competition

Do you fancy yourself a true aficionado of Mafia cinema? Here’s your chance to put your knowledge to the test and win tickets to our upcoming mini film festival.

We’re offering a lucky winner the opportunity to attend all three films featured in our Donne di Mafia Film Festival, along with a complimentary drink to enjoy during the screenings. Immerse yourself in the gripping narratives that explore female agency within the Italian underworld on April 23rd and 24th.

Film Festival Lineup:

April 23rd:

  • Stay Behind by Federica Schiavello (Short Film)
  • Anime Nere (Black Souls) by Francesco Munzi

April 24th:

  • Burning Hearts by Pippo Mezzapesa
  • Nevia by Nunzia de Stefano

To take part just answer to the following question.

What were the names of the two wives of Micheal Corleone in the Godfather films?

The series is just a small part of a wider programme of talks and events from BRLSI

Closing Date: 16/04/23 

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