A fine Affair as BRLSI links with Bath Galleries Group

BRLSI is proud to be a member of Bath Galleries Group, formed earlier this year to promote Bath as an international art centre. The group, which comprises over 30 galleries and studios, is holding a nine-day exhibition event from November 12th to 25th entitled Bath Art Affair, and BRLSI is playing its part with an exhibition of new works by artists who’ve established thermselves in the Institution’s Jenyns Gallery over the past couple of years.

The artists exhibiting include Alan Dun, Duncan Cameron (whose collections of ‘found art’ wowed visitors last November), John Mitchell, Giclée artist David Lewis-Baker, John Loman and Rex Valentine. Rex, who is also exhibition co-organiser, told us “Our exhibitions show a wide range of work based on quality and originality, whether figurative, abstract, academic, new media or found objects.
Photography and installations can also be shown. BRLSI is a wide ranging cultural institution, and we differ from some galleries in that we encourage artists with originality, who may have reached their particular interests by unorthodox routes.” Come and see for yourself from November 12th onwards!
• Exhibition opening times: November 12th – 25th, Mon-Sat 10am – 4pm.  Admission is free.