The Young BRLSI programme is part of the BRLSI's outreach initiative to involve all enthusiastic learners under the ages of 18 in all aspects of science and technology. Young BRLSI provides a wide variety of fun and engaging activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) open to families and children over 8 years old throughout the Bath area.


Young BRLSI is passionate about learning and fun in a relaxing yet academic environment. These workshops are organised in a caring, safe, learning environment which gives children and young people an opportunity to practise study, research and presentation skills related to STEM. Young BRLSI endeavors to make STEM subjects accessible to as wide a community as possible.


We offer:

- Hands-on Junior Scientist sessions to give children aged 8-11 an opportunity to practise study, research and presentation skills.

- Quarterly meetings of Junior Astronomers for children aged 8-11 investigate the history of the universe and how humankind uses technology to discover the secrets of outer space. 

- The Science Cadets programme for children aged 11-13 provides challenging opportunities in STEM subjects and allows children to devise their own fun science projects. 

- The Young Researchers programme for children 14+ links PhD students and postdoctoral researchers with young people in a joint research project. It is open to all teenagers who are able to commit to attendance on the 2nd Saturday of each month from October to July inclusive. 


Young BRLSI works closely with local institutions of higher education in order to share resources and utilise the skills and knowledge of both academic staff and undergraduate and post graduate students who are passionate about their subjects. In addition, students from the Bath-based, world famous Norland College for Childhood Education, assist with the supervision of our workshops, making sure the children receive the very best in pastoral care.

Young BRLSI runs activities every second Saturday of the month from 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm October - July (not August or September).

How to book a workshop

Please remember that advance booking is essential and you need to book early to guarantee a place!
  1. Send name of child with date of birth, contact telephone number and name of workshop to:
  2. You will then receive confirmation if there is an available place
  3. You will then be invited to pay online through the BRLSI shop


Young BRLSI Summer 2018 Programme

BRLSI Young Researchers

This year's programme is already underway, but we are taking names for next year's programme which begins on October 13th 2018.  Also, save the date: the 2017 - 2018 Programme Presentation Conference will be on October 6th 2018. 


14 July

Junior Scientists: Particle Physics with Nerys Shah from the University of Bath

We will learn about the fundamental building blocks of all matter, explore what happens in particle accelerators like CERN, and find out how we use scientific models to better understand the world around us. 


Science Cadets: Crash testing a wooden vehicle with an egg passenger with Steve Kimmins

Engineering teams will design a wooden vehicle with supplies and instructions provided. The egg passenger will act as a Crash Test Dummy when the vehicle will be sent down a tilted ramp into a wall.



Family Trails

BRLSI also sells illustrated self-guided family trails (50p each) which have been devised by members of Young BRLSI. Each trail lasts approximately one hour:
Adelard of Bath - takes you around the Norman city, which England's first Mathematician knew well
Tree Gazers Trail in Victoria Park - helps you identify a score of celebrated and, in some cases, champion trees
Geology Trail - helps you identify some amazing rocks brought back from all around the world and used in the building of some of Bath's notable buildings in the centre of the city
Science Trail - visit sites in the centre of Bath associated with famous Bath Scientists
Queen Square Park Trail - explore the history of Queen Square in the heart of Bath and be inspired by the amazing variety of trees in the park
The trails are available at BRLSI reception.


Youth Gallery

If you want to see pictures of previous Young BRLSI activities, BRLSI Young Researchers, BRLSI Science Cadets and Hands On workshops go to  which will take you to a gallery of photographs for the workshop or activity of your choice.

Please note all photographs on this site are copyright and MUST not be downloaded or used without written permission from Young BRLSI.