Supporting Handmade & Local Talent

27th November – 2nd December 2023

27th Nov – 2nd Dec

Run by Camilla Frayling, Cami-Lou Jewellery Designs is a contemporary, sustainably made, jewellery brand that uses recycled precious metals, semi-precious and precious gemstones

27th Nov-2nd Dec

Steve Kamlish and Roz Streeten were both born and raised in the London Borough of Camden and now live and work in Camden Road, Bath. Steve is currently interested in making food related typographic plates, jugs and vases. Roz is fixated with Sicilian inspired decorative head pots.

27th Nov-2nd Dec

Sophie Davis is an artist, printmaker and bookbinder, producing original art prints, giclee prints, cards and handbound books. Printmaking techniques such as collagraph, monoprint and etching are used, often combined together to create beautiful multilayered prints.

27th Nov-2nd Dec

Amy is a basketmaker based in the city of Bath, using home-grown and locally sourced willow and hazel as well as recycled fabrics. She came to basketmaking from a background in textiles (knitting, weaving, spinning, patchwork, upholstery and mending) which influence and inform her design process.

Uppy Bags use upcycled scaffold wraps, rice sacks and feed sacks to create a range of robust, practical and stylish bags. Bags are all upcycled using high quality industrial materials and range from backpacks to messenger bags to handbags.

27th Nov – 29th Nov

Baed Natural is a small artisanal company based in Bath creating unique luxury body care products. I am passionate about wonderful fragrances and caring for your body whilst being conscious & responsible for our planet.