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**Live** ‘Where will your electric car really come from?’

Tue 16 March, 2021 8:12 pm GMT

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Many countries including the UK have ambitious targets for a change from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric cars. The race is on, not only to get us to drive EVs but to manufacture cars and batteries. What is often forgotten is that the raw materials need to come from somewhere. New EVs, and all our other digital and clean technologies, need new metals. Not only do we need to find and to mine enough of the technology metals like lithium, cobalt and rare earths, we need to make sure their production is contributing to sustainable development, not detracting from it. This on-line lecture will consider both the resources of critical metal ores potentially to be mined in the future and the re-use of such metals in a future circular economy.
Professor Frances Wall – Professor of Applied Mineralogy, Camborne School of Mines (CSM), University of Exeter