Welcome to the new BRLSI website!

This past week has seen some exciting changes on the BRLSI front and BRLSI are delighted to announce that our new website has just gone live. This not only enables BRLSI to interact with you in ways not previously possible, its wider intention is to give members a greater overall experience and we hope you will see immediate improvements for example in our joining and renewal service which has been designed with ease of use at the forefront of our minds.

The new website while retaining familiar features such as our events calendar, gives users greater access to past video content, keeps you updated with our latest gossip, keeps you abreast of our Take 5 Campaign and in the next few months will see the arrival of some exciting new content in terms of online exhibitions. It will even get you started on our Bath Discovery trails, the second exciting BRLSI development of the past week (see below), and you might indeed notice changes to this very bulletin and what was formerly known as the members newsletter. We hope you will enjoy them and look forward to your feedback.

Please let us know what you think! reception@brlsi.org

BRLSI would like to thank Stuart Moran of The Web Foundry for his hard work, creativity and extreme patience in getting what we think is a great website off the ground.