Isandlwana: A Clash of Empires in The Zulu War

April 29, 2024


If your sole knowledge of the defeat of British forces in South Africa by the Zulu nation comes from watching a film starring Michael Caine, then a new Military History talk at BRLSI is here to enlighten you. On 22nd January 1879, a ferocious battle took place at the foot of Isandlwana mountains. This was the first major battle between Imperial British troops and warriors from the Zulu Kingdom. For one side, this clash served as a humiliating defeat, and for the other, it was a decisive victory. But this victory would come at a huge cost, as it marked the beginning of a savage and unjust conflict that would bring instability to the region for decades to come. In the 145th anniversary year of the battle, this talk examines the events before, during and after this momentous meeting of two empires.

Mike Nicholas is a military historian who specialises in the events of WW1, WW2 and the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. Mike is also a public speaker for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

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