Submission - 26/06/2020

Sighting - 2020-06-24

Species Seen Transmarine Bramble (Rubus transmarinus)
Scientific Name
Recorder Rob Randall
Record Status Confirmed
Identifier Rob Randall
Identified on 26/06/2020
Location ST738654
Locality Botanical Gardens, Royal Victoria Park
Parish Bath
Habitat Herbaceous border
Notes This species was circulated to botanists over 100 years ago under the name Rubus ferox, reflecting its ferocious prickles. This name was invalid and it did not receive its current name until recently. It is commonest along the south coast of England and the north coast of France, hence its name. One plant was spotted, presumably bird-sown during the autumn migration. Brambles are only studied by specialists but can be of general interest. A first record for Bath and probably for Somerset. The nearest known colonies are on the edge of the New Forest and in the Cotswolds near Bourton-on-the-water and Moreton-in-Marsh.