Submission - 22/02/2021

Sighting - 2021-02-21

Species Seen Unusual large Polypody
Scientific Name Polypodium species
Recorder Rob Randall
Record Status Unconfirmed
Identified on 22/02/2021
Location ST708712
Locality Grandmother's Rocks, Beach
Parish Bitton
Environment Sheltered shady north-facing
Habitat Rock face in abandoned Carboniferous Limestone quarry
Notes Two large colonies of plants with particularly large broad fronds. The lobes (pinnules) were often of different lengths and had a wavy margin, which is unusual. Possibly a hybrid between the Southern Polypody (P.cambricum) and the Western Polypody (P.interjectum). Southern Polypody is rare locally and mostly restricted to Carboniferous Limestone on the Mendips and in the Avon Gorge at Bristol, but the other species is common. It was too slippery to collect a specimen for identification but should be accessible under drier conditions.