Submission - 19/12/2019

Sighting - 2019-12-15

Species Seen Pleurotus ostreatus or Hohenbuehelia petalloides?
Scientific Name
Recorder Alvan White
Record Status Unconfirmed
Identifier Alan Rayner
Identified on 19/12/2019
Location ST721645
Locality Bath City Farm
Parish Twerton
Environment Pasture
Habitat Recently felled tree, growing on its chipped bark
Notes The pictures do not reflect the striking dark coffee bean colour of the caps. I have never seen Oyster Mushrooms like this. You can see the darker colour in top left hand of 2338. Growing in clumps and the largest probably in the order of two and a half feet across. There is the Chocolate Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus pulmonarius) but this is not in Phillips. I note there are only 914 species in the latter whereas it mentions somewhere in the region of 3000 larger fungal ones. Alan Rayner suggests that it may be Hohenbuehelia petalloides, which would fit with the convoluted form, darkish colour, rubberiness and habitat (wood chips).