Submission - 16/05/2020

Sighting - 2020-05-01

Species Seen Violet Oil Beetle
Scientific Name Meloe violaceus Marsham 1802
Recorder Simon Crampin
Record Status Confirmed
Identified on 16/05/2020
Location ST74196986
Sex Male
Locality Langridge
Notes M. Williams notes: Colour is not a reliable method of separating M. violaceus and M. proscarabaeus. Kinked antennae confirm this as a male. Indented lower edge and depression at base of thorax visible, can just make out the projection below the base of the thorax; 7th antennal segment not triangular in dorsal view (as in M. proscarabaeus males) as seen clearly in right antennae in photo. ID ref.: Coleopterist vol. 18 pp29-33 (Ramsey 2009) and Buglife Oil Beetle ID Guide (Buglife 2013).