Submission - 14/07/2020

Sighting - 2020-07-12

Species Seen Galls of Hartigiola annulipes (a midge) on Beech leaves
Scientific Name Hartigiola annulipes (Hartig, 1839)
Recorder Rob Randall
Record Status Confirmed
Identifier Rob Randall
Identified on 14/07/2020
Location ST738653
Phase Gall
Locality Royal Victoria Park
Parish Bath
Habitat Leaves of a young Beech tree
Notes These galls are quite complex and take a long time to grow. Initially there is a blister-like growth, usually near the midrib or by the veins. The skin of it then splits and a hairy cylindrical gall emerges which, in autumn, drops from the leaf leaving a hole where it once was. Stages in this process can be seen in the photos.