Submission - 11/10/2020

Sighting - 2020-10-06

Species Seen Meloe rugosus, Rugged Oil Beetle
Scientific Name
Recorder Chris Woods
Record Status Confirmed
Identifier Chris Woods & Marc Arbuckle, Wilts Coleoptera Recorder
Identified on 11/10/2020
Location ST822 725
Time of Day 21:40
Locality Thickwood, Near Colerne, Wilts
Parish Colerne
Environment Drizzling, cool, cloudy, moon sometimes visible @ 87% of Full.
Habitat Untreated wildlife lawn, calcareous grassland, based on Chalfield Oolite. Lawn is managed for wildlife, close to a 20+ year old colony of an Andrena sp. bee, presumably the host to the colony. However other solitary bee species that could be the host species are present, including Lasioglossum calceatum/albipes.
Altitude 158 Meters
Notes 27 individuals seen, spread out over 100m along a 5 m width of lawn. Max number so far for the sightings of Autumn 2020/Winter 2020-2021.