Submission - 05/02/2021

Sighting - 2021-02-04

Species Seen Dicranomyia chorea
Scientific Name
Recorder Chris Woods
Record Status Confirmed
Identifier Tony Irwin, Facebook Diptera UK, supported likely by Ian Andrews, Admin, & Martin Cooper
Identified on 05/02/2021
Location ST823726
Phase teneral
Accuracy A limoniid cranefly - probably Dicranomyia chorea
Time of Day 15:50
Locality Thickwood, Near Colerne, Wilts
Parish Colerne
Environment Mild for time of year, ground sodden, despite being free draining oolite
Habitat Calcaereous grassland on Chalfield Oolite, garden, couple of meters from pond, 20 metres from organic grazing & broad verges, 250m from woodland.
Altitude 169 Meters
Notes Teneral, colour still developing according to the experts. I'd never seen one before, but was pleased I'd got the Cranefly bit right!. Unable to get better images & thad flown when I returned a minute later to pot for better images & possible retention.