Submission - 04/11/2020

Sighting - 2020-11-01

Species Seen Indian Horse Chestnut (aesculus indica)
Scientific Name
Recorder Simon Crampin
Record Status Unconfirmed
Identified on 04/11/2020
Location ST740653
Locality Victoria Park
Notes Recent strong winds have started to bring down the fruits of the Indian Horse Chestnut trees in Victoria Park and those lining the Approach Golf Course. The trees don't seem to suffer as much from Horse chestnut leaf miner as the more common Horse Chestnut trees, and flower later and fruit later. They provide a second bounty for the local squirrel population. I wonder why, whenever I see the fruits out of their protective shells, I am reminded of our cat as she walked away. Oh yes, I know .... This may be A.indica but the parks also have quite a few Yellow Buckeye (Aesculus flava), a North American species with yellow flowers. There is at least one on the Cavendish Road side of the golf course and on Weston Road by the Marlborough Buildings allotments. Your leaves do look closer to Aesculus indica than to A.flava. If it has pink flowers then A.indica is the correct name - Rob Randall.