Submission - 14/08/2020

Sighting - 2020-08-01

Species Seen Gall caused by Stenacis triradiatus (a mite) on Goat Willow
Scientific Name
Recorder Rob Randall
Record Status Unconfirmed
Identifier Rob Randall
Identified on 14/08/2020
Location ST758697
Phase Gall
Locality Charmy Down
Habitat Goat Willow in trackside scrub
Notes This strange growth originally formed from a 'pussy willow' catkin and its shape reflects the shape of the catkin. It is more often seen on Crack Willow and White Willow and is then elongated like their catkins. Mites were not seen but were assumed to be present. The gall itself is thought to be produced by a phytoplasma or virus and the mite is just a vector.