Submission - 04/05/2021

Sighting - 2021-05-02

Species Seen Field Forget me-not, (woodland form) probably
Scientific Name
Recorder Steve curtis
Record Status Unconfirmed
Identified on 04/05/2021
Location ST783684
Locality Steway Lane, Northend, Batheaston, Bath and North East Somerset. BA1 7
Parish Batheaston
Habitat overgrown veg garden
Notes This is probably also the large-flowered form of the Field Forget-me-not, although the Wood Forget-me-not is also grown in gardens. They are not easy to tell apart when in flower. When they go to seed, the seeds of the Wood Forget-me-not are visible because the sepals stick out sideways. In the Field Forget-me-not the sepals more or less enclose the seeds. Something to check in a few weeks time - Rob R