Submission - 04/05/2021

Sighting - 2021-05-02

Species Seen Field Forget-me-not (woodland form)
Scientific Name Myosotis arvensis (L.) Hill
Recorder Steve curtis
Record Status Confirmed
Identifier Rob Randall
Identified on 04/05/2021
Location ST783684
Locality Steway Lane, Northend, Batheaston, Bath and North East Somerset. BA1 7
Parish Batheaston
Habitat overgrown veg garden
Notes The Early Forget-me-not has very small, quite dark blue flowers and is usually restricted to short turf where the soil is thin. It grows on the ramparts of Solsburry Hill, especially the northern side, and should be flowering now. This is the large-flowered form of the Field Forget-me-not which is often grown in gardens. It does flower earlier than the normal Field Forget-me-not - Rob R .