Passions in Botany

The BRLSI Passions in Botany Group invites speakers from all over the world to talk about their passion for Botany and the natural world. BRLSI situated perfectly as it is between leafy Queen Square and Bath’s Botanical gardens celebrates the natural world with not one but two “tree trails” sold from Reception in the BRLSI building. One trail concerns the trees of Queen Square itself, and one features the flora and fauna of the Royal Victoria Park.

BRLSI also celebrates the delights of the natural world through display of its rich and varied natural history collection. Later in 2021 look out for an exciting addition to this website where you can upload photographs of the local wildlife (trees and creatures) you have always loved but whose names you have never known. We will also be adding pages where you can find out about some of the best loved items in the collection.

If you take delight in the natural realm then follow our events page for upcoming talks and be sure to follow the Botany stream on our Virtual BRLSI YouTube channel.


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