Room Hire Information


The BRLSI offer discounts to various eligible clients, charities and groups. If you wish to apply for a discount, please complete the booking process and when prompted request to ‘set up an account.’ Your application will be reviewed and if eligible, a discount will be awarded to any pending or subsequent bookings.

All rooms are provided with a projector, a screen, a laptop, a Flip Chart, tables and chairs (set up to your requested option) and hot drinks facilities; with complimentary caffeinated teabags, caffeinated Filtered Coffee, Full Fat UHT milk pots, Sugar sachets and paper cups (all can be topped up on request at reception).

Microphones are available in the Elwin and Duncan if requested, and a member of staff is available to assist in the set-up of all equipment provided by BRLSI.


Please click here to view calendars of room availability.