Philosophy Compendium



The Philosophy Compendium brings to life the richness of past philosophical talks and lectures at BRLSI and endeavours to provide food for thought on many of the intellectual topics of our time. We hope that you enjoy the brief summaries of some of the fundamental questions that humanity keeps asking itself and we are always pleased to inivite new contributions as part of the evolving nature of the Compendium.

A Pragmatic Conception of Consciousness                             Chris Eddy, Swindon Philosophical Society

A.N. Whitehead's Process and Reality                                     Victor Suchar

An Introduction to the work of Andrey Platonov                     Robert Chandler

Anatta Doctrine and Western Philosophy                                 Tony Rawson

Aristotle: an introduction                                                          Dr. Ian Butterworth, University of Bristol

Art & Survival                                                                          Professor Julian Vincent, University of Bath

Ayn Rand and the Concept of authenticity                               Denis Poole

B.F. Skinner and Behaviourism Today                                     Hugh Thomas

Bernard Bosanquet’s Philosophical Theory of the State          Anthony Waterhouse

Bernard Bosanquet's Morphology of knowledge                     Anthony Waterhouse

Bridging two philosophies: Ricoeur's interpretation of Kant   Alison Scott Baumann, Gloucester University

Charles Taylor: A Philosopher For Today                                Harry Cowen, University of Gloucestershire

Can Science and Information Technology replace Philosophy?   Dr. Donald Cameron

Consciousness and Our Duty to Animals                                Dr. Donald Cameron

Consciousness: An Evolutionary Approach                             Tony Wilson

Contemporary issues in physics and philosophy                      Victor Suchar

Current Debates in Marxism                                                     Harry Cowen, University of Gloucestershire

Darwin and Philosophy                                                             Dr. Donald Cameron

Determinism and Free Will                                                       Professor Ted Honderich, University College London

Dewey and the democratic ideal                                               Jenny Brain

Diderot: A passionate materialist                                              Simon Farrow

Environmental Aesthetics                                                         Graham Burgess          

Ethics after Darwin                                                                   Dr. Donald Cameron     

Ethics and Genetics                                                                   Dr. M Wilks, Chairman, Medical Ethics Committee

Exploring dogs' minds.                                                             Dr. Juliane Kaminski, University of Portsmouth

Georges Canguilhem: The normal and the pathological           William Booth

Giles Deluze: What is politics?                                                  Dr. Robin Holt

Great Myths of the Brain                                                           Dr. Christian Jarrett, Bristol Psychological Society