BRLSI Visual Arts: VR - Out there or in your head?

Date Description
15 November 2017

15th November 2017

Visitors £5 Members/students £3


John Law - Panoramic Photographer

John Law will share recent developments in Virtual Reality (VR) and its sister technology Augmented Reality (AR). These techniques offer the photographer new opportunities to communicate with users when assembling panoramas into a Virtual Tour of a building, a city or a battleship, all with the end goal of 'Being There'.
The user of VR can be immersed in 360º video, or into photographed, computer generated, or even hand-painted spherical environments. Projected onto the lenses of a head-mounted display, the immersivity can be very powerful, hence its range of users from gamers to therapists, from surgeons to engineers. .John will show selected examples of this compelling way of recording and experiencing the visual world and to discuss where it might lead.