Model Pupils, Underachievers and Troublemakers

13 July 2017     Model Pupils, Underachievers and Troublemakers - School Reports for some Economists   Jon Oates, Independent researcher, writer and part-time teaching Fellow

Much has been said and written about the state of economics since the events of 2007/8. The discussion has – to an extent – entered popular consciousness, partly as a result of events, but with significant coverage on the small and large screens, in the press, and with some titles reaching the non-fiction bestseller lists.

It continues in the City, and in the Policy World, in both public and private organisations. And it continues in the Academy, where a vocal minority of scholars, and students is still calling for change.

Now imagine the leading lights of this discussion in short trousers, back at school. It's the end of the school year. What might a teacher have to say about their performance and conduct this year, and in the years since 2007/8? Who are the squares? Who excelled themselves? Who needs to pull their socks up? And who cheated on their test?

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