Philosophy for the School Run

Date Description
03 October 2017
Tuesday 3 October 2017
7 :30 pm


Do you know a child who loves questions? Do these range from the mundane to the meaningful? Do you want to unlock the bigger ones, and do it more often?
It’s incredibly rewarding to discuss philosophical questions with our children. It’s never something you can ‘over-do’. So why don’t we do more of it?
Whether you’re a parent, relative or neighbour, we should all feel confident to engage children of any age with juicy philosophical questions and enjoy every moment of it.
Tom Bigglestone trains teachers to embed more philosophy into their lessons. He works at The Philosophy Man, the UK’s leading independent provider of Philosophy for Children (P4C) training.
Join Tom for an interactive workshop as he draws on years of classroom experience to help us tackle big questions with children in a way that’s playful, easy, and leaves them wanting to think more. Particularly useful for car journeys, holidays and kitchen tables!