Why Economics must change - the need for a poetic approach

14 February 2017   Why Economics Must Change - the need for a poetic approach - Dr Sebastian Berger, UWE




The failure to foresee the financial crisis of 2008 has led to an unprecedented criticism of the economics profession and its theories. The search for alternative economic paradigms that ensued includes a reconsideration of the fundamental philosophical premises of economics.
One alternative that emerges from this search is poetic economics, highlighting the significance of poetic intellection, openness towards nature, imagination, and the simple yet creative life. Poetic economics delivers principles for economic policies that prevent and reduce the damages arising from the economy and thus guarantees human well-being. The aim is to reintegrate the knowledge cultures of economics and poetry, humanize the economy, redeem materiality through amelioration of the human being, and transcend the horizon of a contemporary society that is beset by the triple crisis of socio-ecological, economic, and financial instabilities.
The talk draws on the case studies of Ezra Pound and Ernst Wiechert.

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