Philosophy Compendium


The Philosophy Compendium brings to life the richness of past philosophical talks and lectures at BRLSI and endeavours to provide food for thought on many of the intellectual topics of our time. We hope that you enjoy the brief summaries of some of the fundamental questions that humanity keeps asking itself and we are always pleased to inivite new contributions as part of the evolving nature of the Compendium.

Teaching Philosophy in Schools                                                                        Matthew Harris, QEH, Bristol

The Crisis of the Western Humanist View                                                        Richard Russell

The Dual Nature of Human Behaviour                                                             Tony Wilson

‘The Evolution of Religion’ – Is it adaptive to believe that God is on your side? Dr Michael Price, Brunel University

The Epistemology of Cornflakes                                                                       Dr, Finn Spicer

The failure of Positivism and some lessons for Science and the Humanities   Reverend Richard Russell

The ghost in the machine I                                                                                Geoffrey Catchpole

The ghost in the machine II                                                                               Geoffrey Catchpole

The Idea of the Modern in Architecture                                                            Denis R. Poole

The importance of Paul Ricoeur: an introduction                                             Dr. Alison Scott-Baumann

The Meaning of Life                                                                                         Dr. Donald Cameron

The Moral Philosophy of Adam Smith                                                             Roger Cloet

The Multiscopic Cell: Connections between Art and Science                         Bram van Waardenberg

The Myth of Universalism: Theories of Science and Theories of Justice       Nancy Cartwright & Marco del Sato, LSE

The Nation State and War                                                                                Sir Donald Maitland, GCMG, OBE

The Natural Basis of Morality                                                                         Dr. Donald Cameron

The Nature of Ethics                                                                                         Dr. Donald Cameron

The negation of Happiness                                                                               Dr. Alison Scott-Baumann

The Philosophy behind Environmentalism                                                     Graham Burgess

The Philosophy of Humanism                                                                         Hugh Thomas, Bristol Humanist Society

The Political Ideas of John Stuart Mill                                                            Dr. Paul Edelman

The Pre-Socratics                                                                                            Geoffrey Catchpole

The Primacy of Imagination                                                                            Dr. Richard Ogle, Camden Philo. Society

The Productive Failure of Foucault's History of Sexuality                             Dr. Stuart Elden, University of Warwick

The Return of the Great Questions                                                                  Don Cupitt, Cambridge University

The significance of the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory                        Harry Cowen, University of Gloucester

The Spirit Level: Why equality is better for everyone                                    Professor Kate Pickett, University of York

The Subject of Enhancement: Augmented Capacities, Extended Cognition and Delicate Ecologies of Mind        Dr. Darian Meacham, UWE

The Theory of Evolution and Conventional Wisdom                                      Andy Pepperdine

The relationship between Indeterminancy, Overdeterminancy and Undeterminancy      Christopher Gifford, Bristol University

Think? A Critical Look At Popular Philosophy                                              John Bulman

Thomas More: a man for all seasons?                                                             Simon Farrow

Translation as interpretation of Heidegger                                                      Dr. Suart Elden, Brunel University

Tools to improve your Thinking                                                                      Professor Daniel Dennett, Tufts University

Us and Them: How we divide and conquer                                                    Geoff Catchpole

Weird Science - An introduction into Anomalistic Psychology                      Christopher French, Goldsmiths, University of London

What is Anthropomorphism                                                                            Dr. Greg Garrard, Bath Spa University

What is Happiness? - Cafe Philo                                                                     Professor Gerard Kilroy, UCL

What Is Information?                                                                                      Professor Luciano Floridi

What is Justice                                                                                                Gerard Kilroy

What is reality?                                                                                                Geoff Catchpole

What is Religion?                                                                                            Andy Pepperdine

What is the use of History?                                                                             Dr. Gerard Kilroy,

What Time is it on Mars?                                                                                Dr. Vincent Smith

Why is Speech so special?                                                                               Dr. Gerard Kilroy

Why Sartre Matters                                                                                         Dr. Benedict O'Donohoe, UWE

What sort of society are we and what do we want                                          Richard Russell

Why I am not a Christian                                                                                Dr. Donald Cameron

Wilhem Dilthey and the methodology of Human Sciences                           Victor Suchar

Wittgenstein and Political thought                                                                  Dr. Robin Holt, University of Southampton

Wittgenstein                                                                                                    Dr. Carolyn Wilde, Bristol University

Work in Progress: Philosophy of Environment                                              Graham Burgess