Geography and Adventure

Events in December 2018 - No rooms booked and no talks planned


Please note: Way back in 2017, when Jane Sparrow Niang made our 2019 room booking requests, the Elwin Room was already booked by an external hire on the second Thursday in Feb, March & June 2019. Consequently Jane requested bookings on the last Wednesday of these months instead, so we would have the Elwin Room for our Geography & Adventure events.

No room booking in January 2019 – no talk planned

Wed 27 February 2019 Elwin Room [Evening]

Joint talk with BRLSI Engineering & Technology Group and BRLSI Business & Economics Group

Title: ‘Williams Automobiles An example of Business Generational Sustainability’ by Richard Williams [Current owner, Williams Automobiles]

Synopsis: "Williams Automobiles Ltd is a retail car business that has survived for one hundred and seven years. Why have we moved from central Bristol to rural South Gloucestershire and how have we weathered two World Wars, a Great Depression, the Internet and three generational changes to remain as a family business, specialising in selling customized Morgan, Lotus and Caterham motor cars in today’s saturated vehicle market? Find out from Richard and Henry Williams tonight."

Wed 27 March 2019 Elwin Room [Evening]  (room booking confirmed by BRLSI office)

BRLSI Cities lecture series: ‘Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) – ancient and modern’ (title tbc)

Elizabeth Baquedano, Institute of Archaeology, University College London [ confirmed 19.06.18]

Synopsis tbc by Jane Sparrow-Niang

Thursday 11 April Elwin Room [Evening] (room booking confirmed by BRLSI office)

Joint lecture with BRLSI Scienc Group, Royal Meteorological Society and Royal Geographical Society/Institute of Brisish Geographers

Title: “Climate Change: Science and Politics”  David Warrilow President Royal Meteorological Society

Synopsis tbc by Dick Bateman