BRLSI Science - Tagging Animal Movements

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24 May 2018

It’s easy to be impressed by extraordinary feats of animal navigation across and between continents, the phenomenal athleticism of peregrine falcons, cheetahs, bar-headed geese and beaked whales. But how can we predict just what an animal will do next?
Rory Wilson will present some of the animal-attached technology being used to study the movement of wild creatures, and then use data derived from these tags to discuss the rules that underlie why, when, how and where animals move. Rory has been named as one of
Britain’s 50 most influential conservation heroes by BBC Wildlife Magazine. His work was featured recently in the BBC series “Animals with cameras”


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Thursday 24th May


Professor Rory Wilson, Swansea University

Visitors £4 Members and Students £2


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Photo by Pete Johnson from Pexels.

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