BRLSI Antiquity - Pagans & Christians in Viking-Age England

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31 May 2018

During the Viking Age, England faced the threat of increasingly dangerous armies from Scandinavia. By late 9th century much of England was conquered and settled. Whilst religion and religious identity played keyroles in integration, terms like ‘pagan’ and ‘Christian’ were far more complex than the nature of personal belief or church attendance. When King Alfred converted the Viking Guthrum and entourage by baptism, the Scandinavians became Christian in their own way. Material evidence – brooches, belt buckles, stone sculpture, burials – and written sources such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle help explain Pagan conversion and the impact of these new Christians on England’s religious culture.

Professor Lesley Abrams - University of Oxford


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Image: Courtesy of Winchester City Council/Hampshire Cultural Trust

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