BRLSI Herschel/Astronomy - Caroline Herschel and the Nearly all Male World of Eighteenth Century Science

Date Description
05 April 2018

7.30pm £4/£2


Dr Emily Winterburn
Author & former Curator of Astronomy, Royal Observatory Greenwich

Between 1788 and 1797 Caroline Heschel assisted her brother in his research, discovered comets, and became the first woman to be published in the journal of the Royal Society. Women had tried to get their work heard before. Indeed all over Europe women were quietly working in science, more often than not, silently and unacknowledged by their male relatives.

Caroline, however, was the first to get her voice truly heard. Based on her book, Dr Winterburn will focus on the beginning of Caroline’s story, from her first tentative steps into the world of scientific publication and her various tactics for encouraging support for her work. Would she judge it well? Or fall to ridicule or condescension as so many of her predecessors had done?