BRLSI Antiquity - Ancient & Modern Knowledge of Ocean Tides

Date Description
04 April 2018

7.30PM - £4/£2


Professor Philip Woodworth MBE
Oceanographer, University of Liverpool & National Oceanography Centre

Topic: Ancient tidal knowledge has evolved over millennia, starting well before the ideas of philosophers in ancient Greece, through to the work of Newton, Bernoulli, Laplace and others in the 17-19th centuries down to the present age of computers and satellites. As a consequence of the meticulous observations and calculations of many eminent scientists, we now have precise knowledge of the tide (good to about 1cm) everywhere in the ocean. This knowledge has found wide-ranging research applications in geophysics, coastal processes, marine biology, climate change, renewable energy etc., many of which will be considered in this talk although there will be a focus on early contributions to the field.