BRLSI Engineering & Technology - Recycling Plastics

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14 March 2018

14th March 2018

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N i c k S t i l l w e l l runs a pioneering plastics recycling process in Frome, as well as having related plants using his process in Poland and Belgium.

In 2009 his company Protomax Plastics Ltd developed the P2 process to turn previously unrecyclable mixed plastic waste into boards, marketed as ‘Storm Board’, that can be used instead of plywood or MDF in a wide variety of applications. Customers include National Grid, Costain, Asda, Laing O’Rourke and the army, which uses P2 bins to detonate bombs. Recently the company has included the supply of easily assembled, resilient emergency shelters to disaster areas, along with mobile production units that up-cycle local waste into building and infrastructure using local man-power, supplying jobs and hope at a local level.