NHLF Heritage Funding


National Lottery Funding will help us to expand our Future Role


The Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution (BRLSI) has received a grant for £36,000 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.  Made possible by National Lottery players, this grant is enabling BRLSI to undertake two vital projects to take forward our mission to share knowledge and stimulate exploration of science, literature and the arts, enriching the quality of life for Bath residents and visitors.


The first review has been of Governance and Organisation with an eye toward being “fit for the future” and meeting aspirations to 'Open up the BRLSI’.  We are particularly keen to identify the skills and practices needed for our future development and especially wishes to recognise the large role of its many hundreds of members and volunteers that contribute to their success.  The grant will enable BRLSI to be better prepared to carry out its mission, review its volunteering framework and where appropriate propose changes that will strengthen our total workforce and build and sustain collaboration with other like organisations.


Secondly, the grant will permit BRLSI to develop its ambitious Business Plans to broaden our audiences and reach out to people who are curious about the world. Key to this will be preserving, developing, interpreting and sharing the amazing museum, library and archive collections whilst at the same time continuing to deliver stimulating range of activities, including talks, outreach, exhibitions, displays, research and publications.


Most importantly the grant will provide an opportunity to assess the training needs for up to 30 staff and volunteers and to actually provide for some external training and mentoring specifically with respect to taking forward our exciting programmes and ambitions.


BRLSI is currently working with the selected external consultants to assist with the tasks to be achieved under the terms of the grant.  Progress reports will be made at various intervals during the course of the external funding and the expected completion date is in the next 12 months.


We are really pleased to have been awarded this grant at this critical time in the life of the Institution and in view of the extent of change especially with regard to digital communication and other technological opportunities.  Having the opportunity to employ professions to give careful scrutiny to BRLSI's expanding initiatives and operations should enhance BRLSI's role in the local community and to enable it to widen its audiences.