Unique Mineral Prints

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On 30th September our 2017 exhibition, Riches of the Earth: the Beauty of Minerals, will close. If you enjoyed the exhibition, it’s not too late to acquire a unique mineral print. For Riches of the Earth our Collections Manager produced 34 macro-photographs of minerals in the BRLSI collection, allowing visitors to get really close to the beautiful colour and amazing structure of these natural wonders. At the time of writing there are thirteen 50 x 50 cm mounted, ready to hang, prints remaining and they can be secured for £30 each, or £70 for three. The remaining images can be viewed below. To acquire a print please  email [email protected] or drop in to 16-18 Queen Square.

GM0280               Kalmuc Opal








GM0075               Quartz with Limonite








GM0417               Sulphur on Aragonite








GM0670               Chalcophyllite








GM0725               Gold in Quartz








GM0890               Fluorite on Barite








GM0924               Barite on Haematite








GM1120               Goethite and Quartz








GM1828               Quartz with Tetrahedrite








GM1939               Olivenite on Quartz








GM1978               Chalcedony








GM1986               Manganite in Pyrolusite















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