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Skull scanning

Dr Watanabe used a handheld 3D surface scanner to create accurate models of four well preserved fossil skulls in our collection.

Mystery of the 'hand-beast'

Occasionally amongst these specimens we encounter a puzzle and a Chirotherium footprint proved to be just that. In solving the puzzle of this particular trace fossil we discovered it to be of greater historical important than had previously been suspected.

What's My Fossil?

Come along to Bath Festival of Nature in the Parade Gardens on Sunday 25th June and bring your unidentified fossil find.

Ancient calamari

Professor Malcolm Hart, Emeritus Professor at Plymouth University, visited BRLSI this week. On Thursday evening he gave a lecture to Bath Geological Society and on Friday morning he spent a few productive hours peering down a binocular microscope at fossil cephalopods.


Thursday 27 April 2017 Plate Tectonic Theory and its Legacy for the 21st Century