New Media and Art

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Actinopterygii family


Process Painting With Pigments and Phosphorescence

by Peter Dickinson on 6th October 1999

Video Manipulation Using Adobe Premiere

by Paul Birkeland-Green on July 7th 1999

Photography Without Cameras

by Paul Birkeland-Green on May 5th 1999

Physics and mathematics can be used to create reality: one computer technique for this is known as ray tracing. A demonstration and some examples of a typical ray tracer, Povray was shown. It is possible with this NASA 'style' software to create photo-realities on most desktop computers.

Visual Art in the 21st Century

by Paul Birkeland-Green on April 7th 1999

Manipulating Paintings and Images Using Computer Software

by Paul Birkeland-Green on March 3rd 1999

During the meeting the process of transferring a photograph to a computer digital image was demonstrated and discussed. Methods discussed included the use of flatbed scanners, digital cameras and video cameras. The technical jargon used for the definition of computer imagery was explained through the use of projected images that made the technical aspects clear.