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Curator News

Our Curator, Matt Williams, is responsible for the care and promotion of our Museum, Library, and Archive collections. From fossils to fire-arms, bat skulls to Byzantine pots, and manuscripts to malachite: here you'll get the inside story from the store rooms of 16-18 Queen Sqaure. Matt is an Associate of the Museums Association, has an MSc in Palaeobiology from the University of Bristol, and has worked at the BRLSI since 2004.



Ancient calamari

Professor Malcolm Hart, Emeritus Professor at Plymouth University, visited BRLSI this week. On Thursday evening he gave a lecture to Bath Geological Society and on Friday morning he spent a few productive hours peering down a binocular microscope at fossil cephalopods.

Macro Minerals

Our forthcoming exhibition, ‘Riches of the Earth’, will feature macro photographs of amazing mineral specimens from the BRLSI Collection.

Fossil Squid Ink

Dr Jakob Vinther of the University of Bristol has visited to sample 183 million year old squid ink from our fossil collection.

Centuries of storage, part 1

Keeping artefacts and specimens in good condition for hundreds of years requires careful monitoring and control of storage temperature and humidity.